I am.        


Me... I am first and foremost a wily provocateur who derives great pleasure from provoking thought in people who seem less cordial toward accuracy, in place of bias, and blind devotion to idiosyncratic beliefs. I am radically honest, and some would even say reckless.  I seek the real, rather than the unreal. But that won't stop me from the mischief of making things up, until I distinguish between the two. Supporters, allies and critics are often confused by my multifarious personality and passions. I am at any time observing the world through the eyes of an artist, scientist and philosopher. So who knows which character may show up in a piece of my art. Welcome to my world. 

I am this. 

As a writer and satirist I use poetry as a means to express love. I write essays to explore a subject typically of social relevance. I use satire ideally with the intent of provoking thought as to inspire improvement. Although satire is usually meant to be humorous, its greater purpose is often constructive social criticism, using wit to draw attention to both particular and wider issues in society. 

I am that.  

As an educator, humanitarian, and artist, I am committed to compassion, love, and freedom for all beings. Freeing people is my work. I refuse to teach shapes to people, while ignoring the issue of ignorance which creates all of suffering. No - I am moved to educate by provoking in others a deep and sincere curiosity of themselves. I am hear to investigate myself through you, and you through me. For me there is nothing but the natural pursuit of freedom for myself and all humanity. It is the role of every conscious human, educator, and artist to have a voice and stand for injustice and inequality.  



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