Your Marketing is Terrible by CS

Below is a conversation between me, and 3 gentleman, who raised some interesting and critical questions (translation: called me a douchebag) about my image on social media. I felt my conversation with them, may be of interest to my readership, to better understand my intentions and motivations for my controversial social media communication.  Enjoy :) CS. 



I hope you don't mind. Its a bit long, but I wanted to give each of your points a fair response.

bob asked “why do I care so much what we think”. The short answer is I don’t care about pleasing your individual concepts of me. Personal concepts of right and wrong are unappeasable. I correspond with you because I am committed to self reflection, and self inquiry. This is an exercise that I actually do quite often in regard to communication and conflict resolution. It is taught at my school, budokon university, so I practice myself to remain skillful. If there is anything paramount to us not continuing to kill each other, it is the ability for us to relate to each other.  We are all far more alike than not. 

2.  Bob suggested that “my marketing is terrible.” Got it. However, this is a misunderstanding. Budokon university is my organization. It’s marketing is absent of my personal views. It thrives and will continue to do so with, or without me. Me personally, “cameron shayne”… I am not marketing me… Might seem this way, and I can even understand that it would arguably be impossible to tell the difference. But there is one way to see through that perception, and that would be the obvious fact that Todd is right… if I were in fact trying to market me as a brand, my strategy is in fact disastrous. I divide rather than unite. I create confusion rather than community. I often comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable. To the point… I simply don't give a fuck about pleasing people.. and this is a horrible marketing strategy… which is why it in fact is not a strategy at all, but rather a place I express my radically honest views. The yoga community pays my bills, yet I am one of the most outspoken critiques of this community.  But I am not in this game for the trophy, or for the accolades, or for the money… I am here to contribute. My style of contribution is provocation, not pacification. 

3. Bob commented to me “I have found that yoga does not really change  people's behaviors at all, it just hides it behind a mask of spirituality” I agree completely. Yoga does not change people, simply because yoga is NO-THING. Yoga is not something to “do” or “teach”. Yoga is the absence of concepts. It is what is left when there is nothing left of the mind's ability to think, or see, or feel, or make up more shit to believe. Spirituality is nothing more than trying to understand the play of consciousness. Once consciousness (the brain) is gone (dead) yoga/god/absolute IS. We can not "experience" ISness, nothingness, godness, yoga because experience or witnessing is a conscious act. After 30 years of zen meditation I speak from my own experience, not from another book, or more dogmatic ritual. Everything is simply made up by the mind. Love and hate, right and wrong, are all silly concepts that we fight about to the point of murder. Matthew Remski as Todd pointed out saw in me that which he rejects in himself.  He believes very much in his mind, and very much in the intellectualization of yoga, which ironically only keeps him further from it, as it is not something to be understood. He wrote that I am my body. He is so correct. My body reflects my mind and moves as my mind does. Fluidly, clearly, uninterrupted. When it does not, I seek what in my mind is interfering, as there is always that present as well. 

4. Each of you brought up the sex and student issue. No problem. But to be clear we are not talking about sexual misconduct, manipulation or criminal behavior. We are talking about consenting adults being intimate. Wether we agree, or not, consenting adult teachers and consenting adult students will fuck, date, make babies, or get married as they please… forever. Trying to control this, or being critical of it,  is the same foolishness as the church fighting sex education, in place of abstinence. Educate the yoga community first, to be big boys and girls, so they make good choices.. because the other solution is not a solution. What defines a consenting adult? First, It is a person who agrees with and is united on a decision. Second, it is a person of an age deemed legally available and developed to the point to act on their own behalf. Consenting adults can join the military, be police officers, adopt babies, and vote. We the public have decided that they are in fact adults, with full agency and authority over their lives. The suggestion that they are competent enough to carry a gun and kill another person on the battle field, or bring a human being into the world as a parent, but can’t decide who they are intimate with, is contradictory to high standards of reason. It simply doesn't make common sense. Does this mean consenting adults make perfect, painless decisions, no. But it does mean we are given the opportunity to learn by exercising our authority through choice, yes. The same way we all got here. My marriage and other amazing relationships I have had, are the result of my dating policy. I am not a scandal that has been uncovered. I personally wrote an honest article and openly admitted my actions and my positions. No one outed me, complained about me, or filed charges again me. Could it be that you and many others simply lumped me into a category of behavior because I shared one commonality with Bikram (teachers/student intimacy) and collapsed my situation, an entirely unique and subjective one,  into one witch hunt? Sorry gentlemen… not impressed. It would appear that your otherwise skillful ability to distinguish between gossip, headlines, bloggers and the wisdom of discernment has been diminished by your amount of time on social media. That kind of confabulation sounds more like a bunch of bitchy girls gossiping around the lululemon counter, rather than well educated social philosophers. 

5. Bob suggested that I am not humble. Or that I am guilty of behaving in the ways that “I am critical of in the yoga community. and that I appear to be narcissistic and that I can do no wrong.” My simple response to that is, you are right. That is what you see, and that is what is true. Others see something different. That is also true. I could say what I see in you is some frustrated guys bitching on social media about people who aren't yogic, while claiming with authority to know the difference between “real” yoga and “fake” yoga, or that yoga in fact doesn't “work.” Guys gossiping about another person, hating someones efforts that they disagree with, because they are self proclaimed knowers of truth. Guys suggesting they know who is, and is not authentically spiritual. Guys that are pursuing the good path, but behaving in the same way they feel so critical of in others. But in the end, wouldn’t I really be talking about myself? Isn’t this me, that I am seeing in you. And isn’t this you, that you see in me. And isn't this the real work. Personally… I like you guys because you are like me. Full of passion and fire. Prepared to be a dick, because the world needs more non-political correctness, and radical honesty. I am grateful for the opportunity to look at myself thorough you. Thank you very much. And I sincerely wish each of you an incredible life of love and peace. CS