Do I offend YOU? by CS

Some people have been communicating on my recent posts that my teachings are not spiritual, uplifting, or yogic. Well... here's what I think about that...

I am a scientist, and humanitarian. I teach spirituality in the tradition of ancient tibetan yoga and zen martial arts, which often looks like an ass kicking, rather than a namaste with rainbows and unicorns. This work requires discipline, and uncomfortable moments of self awareness, that result in painful awakenings, combined with radical joy. Our modern yoga community is teaching yoga as feel good religiosity, in tight plastic pants, and slogans. I personally don't give a damn what people do to get where we are all inevitably going, but I do feel compelled to speak when these people are shitting on the road we are all walking on. But times have changed, and everyone is now sensitive to the point of being fragile. People want the truth, with sugar on top, or simply not at all. The western yoga community, made up mostly christian ex-patriots, is deeply frightened of an eastern message that has not changed for at least 5000 years... 

There is no god intellect behind creation. 

Our intellect is a subsequent product of the process of thinking…. so how can the intellect understand or take charge of, or even evaluate the whole of creation? I know and you know... it can't. Creating god with afterlife concepts and narratives are just that.. ideas and concepts of the mind struggling to imagine its own finality.

Spirituality is nothing more than trying to understand the play of consciousness.

The limited understanding of this leads us to hear things through the personality, and mental filters. This keeps us trapped in the illusion of yoga as a thing we can "do", or "learn", or "teach", when yoga lies behind the minds understanding, and is in fact no consciousness whatsoever.

Pop culture yoga teaches that yoga is "this", or "that", which results in the constant fluctuation of the mind. It's just another product that can be bought or sold.

Possibly it scares us that yoga is in fact no thing. That yoga is what is left when you stop believing in thoughts and things, this and that, all together. You think you know me, so you are stuck. You think you understand me. So you are stuck. You think I am something that you can like or dislike,  this object, or that object. In your mind's desire to be right, you miss the message. For the teacher, You miss the teachings... for the tree, you miss the forest. 

You are offended by what? Am I talking to you? But more importantly, who is YOU? .... CS