Dear Gay God

Dear Gay God, 

The tongues of your prophets are crowing again

declaring your truth for our redemption and sin. 

proclaiming our sexual orientation is thwarting your plan 

for man's procreation to deliver this land 

from the hands of the sinner, to the hands of Abraham.  

I hear my rainbow flag is blocking your view. 

This queer view of yourself, 

staring back at queer you. 

Refuse to bake my wedding cake? Good. 

I won’t blow my hunger on icing, or idiocy. 

A mouth full of dick is far more appealing 

than your prophetic cocks that crow hate

in the ears of the kneeling. 

But haters will hate, 

and your saints hollowed hands will postulate 

with the homophobes who ghettoize the gays, 

and sanctify the straights. 

But I will soldier on, 

and hold space for objects to relate 

in order to arrange themselves 

until what is on time, is equally late. 

A disappearance of difference 

is the cure for whats killing man, 

not whether man marries woman, 

or man marries man. 

The only person who gives this regard

is he who's own self he can’t stand. 

So apologies old man, but I seek no reprieve,

for I once was blind, and now I see.

that the queer in you, is the queer in me. 

by CS