You’re a guru killer, I can see it in your eyes.

You’ll put me high on your shelves, for my jesus like ways, 

and I when I fuck up, you’ll kill me and say,

he was such a good man, until he said it that way,

I heard he likes sex, eats meat, and won’t pray.” 

And what might I ask are you seeking through me? 

And what might I ask shall be transmitted to thee?

Nothing here but the cult of personality.   

Ironic is you,

using a guru to see yourself through,

when you just end up seeing through me,

to see you.  

You can lean against me, when your not strong.

Just don’t strangle my throat with your need to hold on,

and hold on, and hold on,

to point where were both gone to the bottom of the water you swear I walk on. 

Maybe you want a spiritual pep talk?

Your are free from your sins my child, now rise up and walk.

Is that what you needed in order to walk your talk? 

Then by all means, let the guru talk, and talk, and spin you a tale.

Like original sin, where good boys and girls go to heaven, not hell. 

Why do you need me, to need you, to need me?

Why can’t we just be free of need, and greed and needing to need?


I’m just a weed, spreading seeds, that become thoughts, that become words, that become deeds. 

Now go in peace, I cast your demons away.

But don’t do as I do, just do as I say. 

~ CS