Just a Man

I didn’t ask to be your light. 

I never promised you a kingdom.

Or angels, or golden steps laid in rows.

I’m just a man.

Just a sheep covered in shepherds clothes.

A meal for the wolves,  

A weak imitation of the real thing.

Praying for my own redemption,

Trying to write my own song to sing.

I’m just a man.

Why does anyone expect more?

Can’t you see your standard is the Son,

I’m just a sixty watt swaying behind the door.

I’m just a man.

Ask my mom, she knows me well.

She remembers by birth,

My first words, the time I spent in jail.

I’m just a man.

Why must you expect so much.

I’m just your own reflection, 

full of love, hate, and lust.

I’m just a man.

I hope you can forgive my tone,

But the man you’ve chosen to love my dear,

Is made of flesh and bone.

- CS