Innocence Lost

You are not forgotten little one, though your face has become so pale and dirty, and is hard to see through my pain these days.

Its seems like only a day ago I saw you open the screen door and run down the hallways of my heart, with bare feet and tangled hair.

How could you see then what was to come? How could you know the southern sun could be so punishing.

After all we were both just children then, you stronger than I, as I was so easily bruised, like a ripe peach by the rough hands of love.

These days I can't seem to find you. I am lost somehow in my own house. Where are you hiding?

If I could only find you again, I believe that I could believe again, for now I have lost my courage to believe at all.

Remember how we felt when we loved so recklessly? Like cartwheels in the grass, we were never afraid to spin or get dizzy or even fall without knowing where we would land.

Remember first kisses and forever goodbyes, when skin touched skin and the world was on fire. Come and play with me again?

I promise not to grow up, and old, and away this time.

I know you are scared to trust me again and I you, but what have we to loose but the promises of more promises.

Let's run into the woods at dusk and play with lightning bugs until mother calls our name.

Come and save me from my memories. Make me remember how we loved when we were little and silly and foolish. Those were my favorite days!

Remember the bird we found and covered in bandages. I still believe he lived and flew again. Do you?  I just want to know little things still matter in the world. I want to open my heart and find you again.

Come out, come out where ever you are. 

- CS