Budokon Univeristy teaches that light experiences itself thru shadow, as peace experiences itself through struggle. Change within the mind, in and of itself, is struggle. This struggle triggers our higher nature, which seeks to understand why we believe that we are "this" or we are "that", rather than we are a simple manifestation of the mind. Once we see beyond the mind, we realize that we are infinite space, limitless emptiness, immeasurable nothingness that we call the "I am". However, the temporary mind cannot understand beyond temporary concepts. This results in the awakening of struggle, or the warrior within each of us, which in turn, awakens the yogi within each of us. Budokon is one of many paths or ways to drop the illusion of, I am this, or I am that, in order to break free from duality. Understanding I am all that is, ever was, and ever will be, eliminates the feeling of separation, which creates space for natural communion with our true identity.  This is Budokon's only aim. 



You want to "do" yoga, or live yoga? If you are a student ready for a radically honest, transparent and demanding teacher, I am that. I am renown, possibly even notorious for demanding excellence from every student. There are plenty of teachers that will happily take your money to teach you some shapes, the sutras, and let you call yourself a yoga teacher. Not me. If you are sincerely inspired to get radically honest with yourself, and learn the essence of living yoga, you are ready for me, and Budokon University.    

Let's get radically honest



Budokon began by integrating martial arts, yoga and meditation. This is its pure essence.